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Imagine in a few days, coming home to a brand new, useable kitchen!  When you choose Kitchen Resurfacing with A1 Resurfacing, that's what happens.  Our kitchen resurfacing or kitchen remodeling services on the Gold Coast provides high-end kitchen makeovers finishes to existing kitchen cabinet refacing, cupboards, benchtops, and tiles that look incredible. The Napco products from Resurfacing Australia provide a professional finish and our services are very affordable, providing home and property owners with the opportunity to resurface rather than renovate.




Our A1 Resurfacing Team manages each Kitchen Resurfacing project so that you are dealing with us from start to finish.  The process involves the following:

1. Cleaning and etching:
At first, we begin resurfacing by cleaning all the hard surfaces with commercial agents.  Then we eliminate all the silicone to avoid cross-contamination.  After that the coating bonds are scraped to ensure strong bonding of the coating to the surface.

2. Strong coating:
Our coating is sturdy and durable as the surface itself; definitely not like spray painting.

3. Safe spraying:
While spraying, we guarantee the quality of our product and the protection of the environment.  Our products cure within 2-4 hours (unlike some other products that require 24 hours).

Are you ready to revamp your kitchen with a quick, economical, durable and safe method of an alternative renovation?  Contact A1 Resurfacing now for best kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast!


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It could be time to update those older 70's and 80's style kitchen cupboards. Our Kitchen Cupboard Resurfacing allows you to do exactly that.  The majority of the time, kitchen cupboards are sturdy, even if they are 20 or 30 years old.  It's not always viable to remove them, so consider coating them with our high end finished gloss or satin options.  You'll have a new kitchen look at around 75% less than the standard cost of a kitchen renovation.

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The kitchen splashbacks have a tough job, especially those around the cooker and oven areas.
When we resurface Kitchen splashbacks, we ensure the area is clean and undamaged before coating.
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