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At A1 Resurfacing, we are a family owned and operated business providing professional, consistent and cost-effective resurfacing services for your kitchen, bathroom, bathtub and benchtop.  If you've been considering giving your home a freshen up, then take a look at our services.  As resurfacing experts, we can help you achieve a great new look for your kitchens and bathrooms with our resurfacing services.

A1 Resurfacing offers a high quality and hassle free option when it comes to renovating your home. The results provide a visually long-lasting effect and help save you as much as 75% in comparison to replacing.

With A1 Resurfacing you have the freedom to choose finishes, colours and textures from an extensive range of available options. Moreover, our coating system is of high quality and is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years under normal usage.




Kitchen Resurfacing

Turn your existing dated kitchen into the brand new focus of your home with our affordable Kitchen Resurfacing services.




Bathroom Resurfacing

Does your bathroom need an update? Resurfacing your bathroom will give your current bathroom a fresh look for a fraction of the price of
a new one.




Benchtop Resurfacing

Love your kitchen but can't stand the benchtop? We have you covered with our Benchtop Resurfacing services which makes everything
look brand new.




Bathtub Resurfacing

We can resurface your bathtub so that it matches the rest of the bathroom, with our Bathtub Resurfacing products.



Kitchen Resurfacing

Replacing a kitchen is usually one of the most significant and often, most expensive projects you'll undertake when renovating your home.  It's easy to understand why, when it's the area in the family home
that is utilised the most.

Using our Kitchen Resurfacing products and services, we can deliver you a new fresh new look for around 75% less than a new kitchen.
We cover many existing surfaces including timber cabinets,
laminate and also painted surfaces.



Bathroom Resurfacing

When you want a new look in the bathroom, it's not always viable to go for the rip out and replace option. Our Bathroom Resurfacing services allow you the opportunity of an entirely new bathroom,
at a fraction of the cost.

Offering a range of colours and finishes, there is bound to be something that suits and helps brighten up your bathroom.





We just had our spa resurfaced and it looks amazing. Very professional and left the bathroom clean and mess free after completion.
Thank you so much

Kim, Mermaid Waters